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Prime Sentinel Device

Smart Marine Solution

iOT boat management system for real-time monitoring of a vessel’s status and essential systems.

Prime Sentinel Device

Serves any owner who wants to be informed how their boat is operating while on the vessel or away from it.

Vessel Overview System

Prime Sentinel Device offers remote monitoring of sixcore functions:
  • Vessel position deviation monitoring & alarm
  • LPG, CO2,
    Methane detection
  • Bilge fluids alert
  • Power system &
    Service Battery
  • Intruder alarm
  • APP powered
Prime Sentinel Device

Stay Connected with Smart Device

Prime Sentinel Device can easily access all important information about your boat via app – anytime and from anywhere in the world!

1. Sensors Bridge for Maximum Utility

Using six different sensory touchpoints, PSD is offering stable satellite connection to data from the vessel.

Prime Sentinel Device Works?

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